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Unlock the potential of Treffas’ simple Software Integration with third-party software.

By linking your scheduling tool to your website, calendar, payment systems, video conferencing software, and other widely used applications, you can streamline its capabilities.

Our growing list of app integrations opens up new opportunities for you.


Treffas easily integrates with the tools you already use

Our platform seamlessly integrates with the most popular calendar and email management tools and the industry’s payment and content management systems. Treffas is the perfect solution for busy coaches who want to manage their payment and scheduling responsibilities efficiently. Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily add appointments, handle payments, and perform other tasks. With our software integration, you can streamline your workflow and manage all aspects of your coaching business from one place.

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    Can’t Find an Integration?

    If you can’t find the integration you need for Treffas, don’t worry! Contact our support team to explore the possibilities of integrating our platform with the specific service you’re looking for.

    We’re committed to meeting your unique requirements and continuously expanding our integration options.

    Let’s create a seamless and tailored solution to empower your business.

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