Life coaches are valued for their ability to ask the right questions to help their clients unlock meaningful solutions. To succeed, life coaches must remember that a good coach can center the conversation around their client’s needs and circumstances.

When building client relationships, life coaches need to create a comfortable, trusting atmosphere by asking well-thought-out questions that lead to insight and growth.

Here are some key questions life coaches should be asking their clients:

What inspired you to seek coaching at this particular time in your life?

This question helps the life coach understand why the client is seeking help at this precise moment and what their goals are. It can provide insight into any difficulties or challenges the client has faced and help the coach shape their approach.

What do you hope to achieve through coaching?

This question helps life coaches understand the client’s expectations and goals, and it gives them a clear understanding of what the client wants to achieve through the coaching process and allows the coach to structure a plan of action.

What challenges are you currently facing?

This question allows life coaches to gain greater insight into the client’s current difficulties and helps the coach develop an action plan to address any issues.

What support do you need most right now?

This question helps life coaches understand the support their client needs. It can shed light on how the coach can best assist with any challenges the client is facing and how the coach can help them reach their goals.

How do you define success, and what would it look like for you?

This question allows life coaches to gain more understanding of what success means for their clients and how they define it. It can help the coach identify areas for improvement and provide insight into what motivates the client.


What values and beliefs guide your actions?

This question helps life coaches understand the core values and principles that the client follows in their life. It can help them assess the client’s readiness to set goals, create action plans and make necessary changes.

What strengths do you have that you can use to achieve your goals?

This question allows life coaches to identify the areas of strength the client has that they can leverage to reach their goals. It can also help the coach tailor their approach to best meet their client’s needs and create a plan of action that works best for them.

Where have you been stuck in your life, and what changes do you want to make?

This question helps life coaches better understand the areas of their client’s life that need improvement and how the coach can best help. It also allows them to explore the reasons behind the client’s resistance towards making changes and overcoming challenges.

What are your biggest goals, and how might I help you achieve them?

This question helps life coaches understand the client’s overall objectives and their desired outcome of working with them. It can help the coach develop strategies that will support the client in achieving their goals and give them insight into how they might best guide their client through the coaching process.

What strategies have you tried so far that haven’t worked for you?

This question helps life coaches gain insight into the strategies their client has already attempted to achieve their goals. It can help the coach assess what may have gone wrong and create a plan of action to meet their needs better.

What strategies can we use to create better habits and more consistency in our life?

This question helps life coaches identify specific strategies that they can use to help their clients create better habits and more consistency in their life. It allows them to explore techniques such as goal setting, visualizing success, and creating a manageable action plan.

By asking the right questions, life coaches can help clients identify their goals and develop strategies for achieving them. When done correctly, these conversations will create meaningful connections between coach and client and provide the support needed for long-term success.

When coaches listen to their client’s needs, understand their goals, and ask thought-provoking questions, they can help them reach their desired outcomes. Life coaches can help their clients make lasting improvements with the right strategies and questions.

Timing is Everything

Besides knowing which questions to ask, life coaches must also be mindful of their timing. Asking a question too soon can cause the client to feel overwhelmed and make them less likely to want to engage in future sessions. On the other hand, waiting too long can undermine progress by making the session unfocused and aimless.

Life coaches must understand when to ask which questions, as this will ensure productive conversations and guide the client to success.

Most coaches ask clients to fill out a survey intake form before their first session.
This helps the coach gain insight into the client’s current situation and desired outcomes and gives them a few topics to discuss in the first session. It also serves as a reference during the coaching sessions to assess the client’s progress and make necessary changes.

Create Insightful Surveys Within Treffas, a bundled solutions platform, allows coaches to create survey intake forms and manage their clients from a single dashboard. This helps life coaches save time and energy and create a more organized and efficient workflow. Coaches can create a range of surveys that can be used to assess and track client progress from the initial intake form to mid-session check-ins and post-coaching evaluations.

Life coaches have a unique opportunity to help their clients change their lives and reach their goals. By asking well-crafted questions, understanding their client’s needs and creating insightful surveys, life coaches can provide the guidance and support needed for lasting

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